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For more than a decade Grace Baptist Partnership has sought to uphold the soteriology, ecclesiology, and methodology of the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith. We have done so because we believe the sentiments expressed in the Confession are a clear reflection of the teachings of Holy Scripture. Owing to this fact, our views – properly understood – are neither new, novel, nor nebulous.

We believe in the doctrines of grace – total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints. We do so not because we have sworn fealty to Calvin but because we have pledged loyalty to Christ; not because we are enamoured with systems but because we unreservedly believe the Scriptures. We are a Grace Baptist Partnership.

We are convinced Baptists. No, we don’t believe the early churches were Baptist in name. We do, however, maintain there is nothing in our historic faith and practice which they would find unfamiliar or which they would feel the need to oppose. Whether it be our belief in the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, our convictions about regenerate church membership, or our insistence on immersion as the means of entering the membership of a church, we are – by God’s grace – where the early churches were. We have no intention – or desire – to change. We are a Grace Baptist Partnership.

We embrace partnership with other likeminded believers. Whilst not shying away from clearly articulating their own principles, the signers of the Confession went to great lengths to show magnanimity toward other believers with whom they disagreed. But when it came to those with whom they agreed, they associated, cooperated, networked, and partnered like few groups of churches before or since. Their mutually-supported endeavours in training ministers, resourcing evangelists, and planting new churches remain a powerful testimony to the value of methodologies which honour God by respecting both the independency as well as the interdependency of local churches. In that respect we are unashamedly a Grace Baptist Partnership.

In days when theological ambiguity, ecclesiastical confusion, and methodological pragmatism are on the increase, how encouraging it is to see that the Biblical and historical views of Baptists are gaining traction once more. May this work – and others rising from it – be blessed by God with faithfulness and fruitfulness to the glory of God alone.

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