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We are delighted to announce that we have received the printed copies of our first four books; The Baptist Confession, The Baptist Catechism, A Short Confession of Faith and An Orthodox Catechism.

We want to express our immense gratitude for the prayerful and practical support of many who have backed us as we embarked on this ambitious project. This project has intensified as we received increased support, with added stretch goals, and encountered delays due to Covid restrictions and other factors. We are thankful for the patience of those who have waited a number of months for these books to be printed and then distributed. These books have now officially been packaged and have will be being distributed in the coming days.

It is also very exciting to announce updates about the infrastructure of our publisher going forward. Our intention is very much to establish ourselves as a Reformed Baptist publisher in the United Kingdom and to make our published works available globally. Therefore, we have secured distribution in both England and the United States of America.

Our arrangement in England is with Allmand-Smith Ltd, who will be responsible for storing most of our published works and shipping orders to anywhere in Europe and some other parts of the world. We have enjoyed building close fellowship with members of Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom; in particular with Darrin Gilchrist who has supported our work from its inception, and the pastor of the church and owner of the distribution company, Oliver Allmand-Smith.

Our arrangement in the USA is with Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, California. We have been in communication with one of their pastors, Sam Renihan, along with the church’s secretary, Nancy Wood. They will be invaluable in distributing American orders which will significantly reduce postage costs and shipping delays for orders that we have.

In conjunction with this, we will also be making an online shop available on our website when the books have arrived at both distributors. Currently, we cannot take any advanced orders from outside of the United Kingdom, but if anyone wants to order from here then please contact us at ‘’ ahead of the launch of our online shop. We are also in discussions with distributors and bookshops about our books being made available elsewhere.

As a publisher, we are already thinking, planning and praying about the release of further works. We are also excited by the response to our online content, especially our series working through the Baptist Confession. Thank you to all who have raised awareness of our work and please continue to do so as we look to expand this ministry and make Reformed Baptist confessional content more readily available, and more widely known.

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Any update on how to purchase these in North America?


John-William Noble
John-William Noble
Jul 02, 2021

The books will be available to buy in North America once they have been shipped (which is soon).


When will this set be available for ordering and shipping to Canada?


Will Glover
Will Glover
Jun 30, 2021

I'm looking forward to this coming to the US.

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