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Biblical Marriage: Two Sinners and a Gracious God

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Brand: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 978 1 7252876 3 1

Throughout history, many marriages have been characterised by confusion, conflict, and pain. Today, the very institution of marriage is often reviled and rejected as irrelevant. It has even been redefined to accommodate changes in societal thinking and beliefs. This is why, for the professing Christian, the distinction of biblical marriage, as instituted and defined by the Most High God, is so utterly fundamental to understand. In this book, John-William Noble unpacks what it means for two sinful people to enter into a covenant relationship covering a number of contemporary issues and questions.
What should a couple realistically expect as they prepare for marriage? How important is communication in a marriage? In what ways can we and should we fight to preserve our marriage? This book is written to take the Christian to Scripture as the author gives examples and applications from his own marriage where two sinners have become one flesh built upon the restoration and foundation of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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